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This is the Official Website of the UserFriendly Mailing List. You will find a number of regulars here, links to our charter, faq and member gallery, history of the mailinglist, and of course links and references to UserFriendly the comic strip.

• Who runs this madness?

Currently, the list is run by a Pantheon of three in charge of things like maintaining order (sha-right!), lovingly guiding newbies, gently reprimanding people who don't get a clue the first 5 times, and kicking people off for serious breaches of the rules. The three in question are depicted below.

All of the them can be reached (simultaneously, even) by emailing pantheon@uflist.org, or admin@uflist.org, whichever you prefer. If you have questions, concerns, ideas, offerings of chocolate and never ending passion, go right ahead and get a hold of us. We rarely bite, and then only on demand.

Now, enough of this intro stuff... go ahead and clickety-click on those buttons already! If you can't figure out what button takes you where, here's a brief explanation:

  • Who? Who are these people? Contains pictures and some bio info on the people you talk to every day.
  • What? What is the List? What are the rules? (ListCharter)
  • Where? Where can I find the comic? Where are some other cool sites?
  • When? When did the list start? (ListHistory)
  • Why? Why not? (The ListFAQ)
  • How? How do I Subscribe/Unsubscribe/Submit a photo/get an email address?
  • Wow! All about the site, its creators, its hosts, etc.